We are experienced news writers based in Raipur. Our professional team writes for many different newspapers and editorials online as well as offline. We are creative content writing agency providing all types of content related requirements and news writing is one of them. We also provided many content articles for India’s first real estate newspaper in Mumbai i.e ‘Accommodation Times.’ Our content also includes featured news writing for Aam Aadmi Magazine for more than 3 years and also writing for Blasting news in Raipur. We are professional editors and writers who go in-depth to create perfect and crisp news which will engage the mass audience. Currently, we are working with many agencies for news writing and we also help them in curating information for news building. Our team has professionals who are experienced in Journalism and had written strong content for bigger newspapers and editorials. We write in specific niche and few of them are mentioned below.

The niche we write for – 

  • Social Issues
  • Human Stories
  • Mental illnesses
  • Women’s topics etc.


Our team makes sure that whatever news we are curating and writing is proper and verified through all our sources. We also make sure that we are not invading any laws for publishing the news. Our experts are always interested in working with great news features and make sure they write one in time.


We believe in writing simplistic yet holistic content or news for our audience. It’s the writing which makes any news interesting. We make sure all our news we write are interesting and are up to the point with short and crisp content.


We hate fake news. Our team writes for genuine articles and editorials and avoids any misleading information to be published. Our ideology behind news writing is to deliver the news as it is without any altercation with the completely valid point in it.

Xpertink Writing Services

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