Column writing is one such service which we are providing since we are into business. We like to write for various columns and we have already written for different magazines and newspapers. We have an experienced creative content writer and article writer who have experience working for a magazine named ‘ Aam Aadmi Magazine’ as a Chief Column writer for more than 3 years. Our expertise has bought us many clients on board for column writing and we maintain our creativity and content quality for all the clients. Our article writer is an expert content creator who knows how to write for a high and upscale audience. We are specialised with a set of column writing topics which are mentioned below.

Column Content Topics – 

  • Indian Constitution
  • Indian Laws
  • Current Issues
  • Social Issues
  • Troubles in Women’s life
  • Discrimination

Curated Content

We write a column on specific topics with an in-depth knowledge of that topic. We also write bi-weekly or on a weekly basis based on clients requirements. Our experts tend to write a column on a relevant and current on-going topic in the industry.

Error Free

Our experts make sure that your content is error-free and is 100% genuine. We have written more than 50+ column articles for various clients and editorials and are still counting. We are known for our genuine and crystal clear content generation.


We make sure our columns are catchy and easily readable to the audience. Our article writers make sure that the content is not written in a high-level language and is intact to spread its message easily. We love writing a column which will gain more attraction from the audience.

Xpertink Writing Services

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