One of the most difficult tasks is to draw a line between content marketing and
digital marketing. Part of the priority lies in the fact that it’s hard to implement
one without the other, but they are two prime and supreme practices.
So let’s get a better understanding and clear picture of each one of them.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is one aspect of digital marketing, a technique of
creating, promoting, and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to
attract and acquire a clearly defined audience for a more extended period and drive
profitable audience action. It also stimulates consumer interest in a brand.
Content is something which may include writing a blog post, creating photos, videos, and
even your Spotify playlists. Though content marketing fits under the umbrella of
digital marketing, it refers to creating specific content types to reach a
target audience.

Here are a few basic types of Content marketing practices which uses content to
attract the audience.


Blogs are the easiest way to connect personally with potential customers and
audiences on a personal level. A quality blog is the point of convergence in your
inbound marketing and a pivotal source of content for your social media
marketing efforts.

Posting of Photos

In content marketing, it just not about words but posting photos and images
also plays a prime role in engaging the audience with your content. Being
creative and entertaining with the images which need to tell a story or be
informative and which is in line with your branding strategy binds the audience

Videos and Podcasts

Time and time again, companies offering videos are viewed as more trustworthy
by their customers, most customers would purchase a product once they have
seen the video about it. You can use videos and podcasts depending on your
brand and audience so you can level up your content strategy.


Infographics are an incredible way to present content to your audience in an
engaging way; it helps the audience understand and remember the range of
the Infographics. This includes statistics, charts, graphs, and other
information that gives an accessible overview of the topic. They’re also much more
likely to go viral and gain widespread attention than traditional types of content.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is defined as marketing efforts that use an electronic device or
internet, includes every attempt to engage with your target audience, using a
various communication strategies like website creation, blogging, social media,
content creation, and video creation. With digital marketing, there are endless
possibilities and strategies to get creative and experiment with marketing tactics
on a budget and is considered a form of inbound marketing and its goal is for
people to find your business and maintain an online presence to engage new

Digital marketing is a group of online activities such as Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine
Optimization and Social Media Marketing and other techniques intended to
make it easier for the audiences to find, buy or consume your product or
service online.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing (SEM) is a paid marketing strategy used to increase
the website’s visibility in search engine results pages. It is also alternately
known as paid search or pay per click. SEM aids businesses to gain online
market by using paid ads on search engines such as Google, Yahoo etc.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is an organic technique of increasing the number and quality of visitors to your website
by improving rankings in the organic search engine results. Search Engine Optimization involves
making sure that a website is accessible, technically strong, uses keywords that
people type into the search engines, and provides excellent user experience,
useful and high-quality content that helps answer the user’s query. It is
used to increase the quality website users or traffic to your website through
organic search engine results.

Social Media Marketing

The world connects through the internet, and social media network is present in
the lives of millions around the world. Social media is becoming one of the most
critical aspects of digital marketing, which provides incredible benefits by
reaching millions of customers worldwide. Social media is a tool that can help
you oversee operations. It allows you to connect with the customers, increase
your brand awareness, and also helps to boost sales. It doesn’t matter
whether you run some local shop or are a giant multinational corporation; you
need to have a social media presence.

Indeed, content marketing heavily involves social and digital media. And, of
course, in digital media, marketers use content to get their messages across. But
although there is an overlap between content marketing and digital marketing, they
are two distinct entities, with different focal points, goals, and processes.

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