Women in the 21st century are breaking all the myths associated with girl-child for centuries. They were always considered to have a useless existence. Women with all their herculean power are proving themselves worthy now. 

Women are now working in all domains, but their life is not as easy as it seems. We are having a whole tribe of working moms out there, battling the pull to balance all the arenas of their lives. Some examples are cleaning homes, tutoring kids, cooking n packing the tiffin, pruning the gardens, arranging travels, caressing the kids, folding the laundry, supporting their spouse, paying the bills, and attending the relatives! The struggle is on! Each day! Every day!

These best moms may get help!!!

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When women go out for their profession, they left a cute bundle of responsibilities and a packet of emotions behind them! And it’s her kid! Working moms dream of being the best moms for their kids!

Come on, every woman wants to be with her kid and wants to look at her grow. Though to feel cherished and treasured, they go to their workplaces, but they long to learn how to balance all this. 

We can see women in offices, on work desks, in creative industries, in dispensaries, in space, in business seminars, and everywhere. They are working brilliantly as authors, doctors, architects, business tycoons, civil engineers, actresses, administrators, musicians, and dancers. They are representing great pieces of work, too. 

But I know, at the same time, ‘You’ – being a working mom – are struggling with a pang of guilt inside. The way you feel that you are ignoring your kid is not needed! Believe me; you need not think this way!!!! Nor should you remain frustrated!!!! Instead, you should work towards pampering yourself and keep yourself happy and quenched!

Often working moms wonder how they can be the best mom to their children when they are spending more time dedicated to their professions! For such working moms who are trying to find a proper balance between their professional and personal life and wants to be the best mom, we have brought some fruitful tips. 

So, let’s have in-depth knowledge about how to balance the roles of a responsible professional and a responsible mother. 

Working Moms, let’s be the Best Mom.

Tip 1 – Focus on Your Goals:

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To intelligently achieve success in your profession & as a mommy, it is vital to keep your goals clear and focused. Whether it’s about your kid’s life or your own brainstorm thoroughly about the goals, but once you decide your goals – be focused!  

Need not to get confused or disturbed frequently. If you wish to avoid such confusion, the best way is to think thoroughly before deciding the goals. 

Whether it’s about your job, your kid’s admission, or some significant decision like joining a Zumba class or a guitar class. You should be cleared and confident so that you know where you are heading to.

Working Moms, let’s be the Best Mom

Tip 2 – Stay Positive

Being an educated woman and reading this blog, I am sure you must have come across the books, articles, or eBooks on Positive ThinkingBut still, sometimes we feel so dejected and cheated that we start harnessing negativity inside our soul. That disturbs us more than helping! So, it’s better just to feel good. That can rejuvenate you.


One of the main principles of being the best mom to your kid is Staying Positive. Now, since you are a working woman, you are bound to be surrounded by numerous negativities, be it in the form of judgments, speculations, or thoughts. And these negativities can surely bring you down, close to your doom. 

So, as one of the working moms, you need to learn how to balance the negativities which surround you and the positive thoughts that have to be there around you. Merely putting two and two together, you need to let go of negative thoughts and negative people, to become the best mom.

Working Moms, let’s be the Best Mom

Tip 3 – Manage the Time

Besides the connectivity, the working mommy tribe also needs to manage her time to achieve its maximum. I would suggest to take your time into your hands and make a cavity into it. Time management isn’t rocket science—Excel in it with simple yet effective tips. Carving even a 10-minute breather out of your hectic schedule will make you feel empowered. Slightly tweak your choreographed life and take your time management to the next level.

While playing multiple roles of a homemaker, a professional, a mother, and a wife, you need more than 24 hours in a day. So, time management is a must for you to learn. By managing your time and utilizing it with the economy, you can make yourself and others happy, and your life will be even more satisfactory for you.  

No matter where you are, you also have to divide your time and sort your regular schedule properly, like other working moms. To be the best mom, you should not mix your work time with the one you are planning to spend with your kids. Being the best mom to your children will never be easy, but when you are working, you need to put some extra effort. This is why working women should also learn how to balance their work time and family time, along with the Time-Management. 

Working Moms, let’s be the Best Mom

Tip 4 – Say No To “GUILT CARD”

Now, most people like to demean the self-esteem of working moms by pulling the guilt card on them. When you are thinking as a mother, you will start feeling the guilt for neglecting your duties towards your children. But, being a rational human being, you need to understand that you are already doing everything to become the best mom for your children. You don’t need anyone’s certification to prove yourself the “best mom” in the world. 

So, never allow the so-called “guilt cards” to be involved in your life as one of the working moms. Thus, the next time you will sulk over how to balance between your motherly feelings and your work pressure, remember this fact. 

Also, to make your child feel loved, you can sometimes plan ‘Volunteering in her School.’ 

O Woman! You are as Mighty as Nature!

You can find some time during lean-work days and be a volunteer at your kid’s school! 

Talk to the teacher and offer any kind of help you can render for upcoming annual function, cultural function, or some fundraising event. You may have to stretch your schedule a bit, but this will be useful for you and your child’s social esteem. 

Such kind of involvement would be like a balm to your guilt-ridden mind (that, actually should not be), and a new sort of bonhomie will get established where your child will feel loved and attended by you. And trust, your child will be proud of your volunteering!

Working Moms, let’s be the Best Mom

Tip 5 – Making your Mind Stronger

Problems will keep on erupting…sometimes, your kids will draw your energy, and other times, your profession will tear your hair. Illuminate your mind to develop an emotional glow and face the situation. Read good books that can guide you in handling such situations. Good Self-Improvement books and classic literature like Dale Carnegie, Stephen R. Covey, Robin Sharma, & Napoleon Hill can actually guide you well. Make your mind sharper by reading these great minds.

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If you are facing any problem at your workplace regarding your work timing, workload, or anything else, do not hesitate to escalate the matter to your immediate supervisor or manager. In many companies, there are individual facilities for working moms. So, don’t keep the problems remain unsolved for too long since this might invite stressful hours even after your work time, and hence, you will have to struggle to become the best mom. Otherwise, you will never learn how to balance your two roles. 

Working Moms, let’s be the Best Mom

Tip 6 – Take Help of Outsourcing:

Today we are living in an era where we have to arrange lots of extra bits. Like kitty parties, birthday parties, summer tours, cooking continental for our special guests, or creating the wedding torsos in the home! All these things were not a part of life just 25 years back. 

But if you need to obtain any of such arrangements, always remember that you can outsource such preparations. Sometimes you can even outsource your office-works. If there is something you cannot do or don’t want to do, you should outsource it. Help yourself to make your life comfortable & pleasant. 

Working Moms, let’s be the Best Mom

Tip 7 – Zero Distractions: 

When you have a dedicated schedule to follow, do not allow any distractions to hinder your way. Give complete attention and commitment to your tasks.

Now, when you are learning about how to balance between your work and your children, one thing you will have to remember like the ABCDs is to avoid any form of distractions. For example, suppose you were distracted by some gossips at your workplace, and in the process, you spent half an hour doing nothing. So, to complete your work, you need to work half an hour extra, which might be disappointing for your kids as you are their best mom. So, to become the best mom, make sure you are not wasting precious time on something trivial and unnecessary. 

Working Moms, let’s be the Best Mom

Tip 8 – Make Weekends Memorable

Since you are one of the working moms, you only get the weekends off. Make sure you are indulging yourself in activities with your kids, which will compensate for the five days when you aren’t with them. For example, you can play their favorite games, or visit their favorite places or cook a special family dinner to make your children feel that they are of prime importance to you, and you are indeed the best mom they can have. 

When you see those stars in their eyes and love in their hugs, you will feel like heaven on the earth! This is one of the smart advice on how to balance the profession and life. 

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Working Moms, let’s be the Best Mom


To play both the roles peacefully & correctly, you need to divide your days into two parts. Schedule your day, and cover both the duties. Reserve your hours for home and work, separately. And don’t allow their intermingling. It will stress you. 

Even when you are free during office hours, don’t shift your attention to the home. And when you are with your kids, be their mommy only, don’t work on office files while playing or talking with them. 

When you are looking for ways for your days between your kid and your work, and be the best employee as well as the best mom, you need to remember that mingling these two things has never done any good. So, working moms should prioritize their duties towards their profession and their family equally, so that neither of the roles is hampered. 

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Working Momslet’s be the Best Mom

Tip 10 – Mornings are Mesmerizing_Keep Mornings Clutter-Free

         The world is beautiful, and especially the mornings are! You can sip a cup of tea or coffee with your better half, in your courtyard, terrace, porch, or balcony! 

If you finish the pre-doable stuff to keep your mornings smooth and serene, Layout the clothes of kids and self, fill the water bottles, pack the fruit boxes, decide the breakfast menu, check the bags and purses etc. in advance. These bits of tasks seem mundane but take up chunks of time.

A chaotic morning should be the last thing to start with for working moms. 

Early mornings are blissful as they come with minimal distractions. Listen to your favorite music, meditate, have a walk on the beach with your better half, or just go to the gym alone. Your mornings will become stress-busters for you. You will really cherish those moments for the whole day.

Mornings are so fresh, just make the most use of them.

Finally, it will never be easy for the working moms to fulfill their duties without any glitch. You can grab the best Parenting Book just out – SURF THE WAVES-101 TIPS TO BECOME THE BEST WORKING MOMMY” and bag all that you need to clear the clutter in your routine. 

Yes, you can be the Best working mom to your kid. All you need to do is learn about how to balance work and motherhood properly. 


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