‘Debug Your Life’ – is an ambitious upcoming book by Nehal.VRK. The book is a detailed discussion on the # 1 Killer of 21st century – The Lifestyle Diseases.

Synopsis of the Book ‘Debug Your Life’

A Book on How to Combat with Lifestyle Diseases

Author: Nehal. VRK

Journalist, Philanthropist & Social Activist.

That was 2017. I was plunged into creating various video courses for one of my clients, who is running an online Education Academy. My role was to germinate and develop inspiring courses on mental illnesses, suicides in depression, deaths due to heart attacks, and other diseases. While doing researches, I came across the astonishing digits & statistics raising globally about certain diseases! 

I noticed that humans are getting killed due to some specific diseases that creep in their lives because of their erroneous living patterns! And which are preventable! Those are the ‘Lifestyle Diseases!’ In medical language, they are called – NCDs –Non-Communicable Diseases. 

Lifestyle diseases are killing 41 million (4.1 Crore) people every year, on the globe, which is 71% of the total deaths, annually. It means those deaths were preventable! These digits stirred my soul. And that was how I started writing this book. 

  • This book represents every in and out of the lifestyles people are following today. It explores & scrutinizes the chief factors that are inviting preventable ‘deadly diseases.’
  • A compilation of 18 significant lifestyle diseases like lung cancer, hypertension, asthma, heart attack, swimmer’s ear, depression, dementia along with the proficient, skillful & functional ‘YAN Pack’ for each disease will be proven crucial for the readers.
  • YAN Pack in this book is a specific collection of Yoga Poses, Aleternative remedies, and Naturopathy & Diet tips for each disease covered. This pack can help in preventing the onset of many diseases, while can reverse the already existing ones to a remarkable extent.

Yoga Maestro Mr. Ramesh Patel have provided all the tips & exceptional advice on Yoga & Naturopathy. And Dr. Anand Sancheti & Dr. Reena USA – the renowned president of All India Heart Association and famous cardiac surgeon of central India, has reviewed all the remedies, facts & digits mentioned in the book. 

This book focuses chiefly on two things – 

  • To motivate the people in modifying the living patterns to keep the lifestyle diseases at bay. 
  • To provide the information to the readers about how and when the diseases can crawl into your life. It also represents the YAN Pack for every illness covered.
  • Besides, a ‘Standard YAN Pack’ is provided, which can be used to keep the diseases away by the undiagnosed people. Including a standard Yoga set and Ayurveda & Naturopathy Tips for everyday life, to stay disease-free.

Book is an essential read for readers between 30 & 60 years of age. Youth can also take benefit from this book, as the tips given can prevent the onset of many diseases at an early age.

Upcoming Book on Lifestyle Diseases
This Book discuss all the aspect of the #1 killer of 21st century – Lifestyle Diseases.

‘Debug Your Life’ is relevant & significant to publish in this century as lifestyle diseases have now become #1 killer! This book is an excellent solution to the people who don’t want to become a victim, and it can be on the ball because of the YAN Pack. ‘Debug Your Life’ will help readers in improving their health and lifestyle. 

Debug Your Life

Author’s Bio

Nehal. VRK

Author, Philanthropist & Social Activist

Author’s Bio

Nehal VRK is a Writer, Philanthropist, Social Activist & winner of the ‘Inspires She’ Award, that is awarded to 25 inspiring women of India in March 2020. The founder & President of NGO ‘Udaan,’promotes the educational and cultural development in students and women of Chhattisgarh, India. She has been working for the betterment of society for 17 years now. Received award by Mr. Mukesh Khanna, the famous actor for her exemplary vision and unparalleled work for rural upliftment.

She has written eBooks like ‘The Blue Whale’ & ‘Ultimate Tips for Working Mommies’, working as an Editor-in-chief for Readital Summary App, Editor at Lingual Consultancy, writer at Blasting News, Aam Aadmi Magazine and Accommodation Times.

Nehal is an empath and feels pain about the social evils like dowry, discrimination, mental illnesses, suicide, alcohol, drugs amongst others. She has used Social Work & Pen as two weapons to donate her services to the society. “Debug Your Life” is also one more step towards motivating the people to adapt perfect lifestyle, and keep the ‘Lifestyle Diseases’ at bay forever.

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