A fast-paced life can be exciting, productive and satisfactory. But, it can also be stressful and overwhelming. In an attempt to balance the satisfaction and stress, we end up with major lifestyles diseases haunting us. 

You work 12-18 hours every day, forgetting to take breaks, delaying meals, and compromising on your sleep & postures, just to get the work done. You gobble whatever is handy, sit sedimentary for long hours, travel to and fro through pollution, and forget what health even means. 

After working for long hours throughout the week, what do you do at the weekend? Sit and binge-watch your favourite shows? Not moving from the couch and ignore the word – Exercise!

Well, combine all these, and we are running headlong into a lifestyle_diseases

Dangerous Killer # Killing Machine of 21st Century # Change Your Lifestyle

To help people understand major lifestyle diseases and learn how to prevent lifestyle diseases, we have listed the few common lifestyle diseases that are tolling maximum deaths on the globe and also presenting ways in which you can avoid becoming a victim of these diseases. 

This has resulted in increasing many ‘lifestyle diseases’ that could otherwise be kept at bay. The diseases that affect a person due to his/ her lifestyle habits are known as ‘Lifestyle Diseases.’ Lifestyle disease killing humans is no longer a myth. It is a scary reality that demands sheer and sudden attention from we – the citizens of the 21st Century! As it has become the no. 1 killer of the century, today.

List of Major Lifestyle Diseases

Major Lifestyle Disease no. 1 : Obesity 

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How to Prevent Lifestyle Disease – Obesity

  • Obesity is equally dispersed in kids, youngsters and adults in the world, and it has clasped the whole globe! Earlier rich citizens were only it’s victim, but now even poor people are getting victimized of this common lifestyle diseases
  • The best way to grapple obesity is by adopting healthy eating habits. Parents should start by following a healthy and balanced diet to set an example for their children. Limiting the portions of food and eating only when hungry are recommended. Stop kids from eating each time they feel bored. 

Include fun activities and outdoor games as a part of your schedule. Limit screen time. Go for a walk, swim, or jog, and take your partner and children along with you. Get enough sleep. Agreed, this is not always possible, but do your best to sleep for at least 6-7 hours every night to avoid major lifestyle diseases.

Major Lifestyle Disease no. 2: Heart Diseases

  • Heart disease killing humans is not uncommon. Yet we tend to ignore heart problems and act as if they would go away on their own. Also known as cardiovascular diseases, heart diseases are common lifestyle diseases in this world. 
  • The symptoms vary for men and women. While men tend to have chest pain, women can feel fatigued, nausea, and discomfort in the chest. A sense of pain in the neck, jaw, upper abdomen, back, throat, numbness in your arms and legs, tightness in the chest, breathlessness, etc. are common symptoms. 
  • Do you know that heart diseases are now the leading cause of death in the world? Statistics say that the rate of heart diseases has more than doubled in India in the past few years. 
  • The USA seems to be topping the list here as well. Obesity is linked to heart diseases, and when one becomes a victim of major lifestyle diseases, only persistence and determination to become healthy can save them. 

How to Prevent Lifestyle Disease –Heart Diseases

  • Exercise is the key. Yes, we know it is not always possible to exercise with your tight schedule, but instead of just resting and watching the television, you can try some basic exercises while watching your favorite movie or show. Giving up smoking and drinking would be the best solution to control common lifestyle diseases
  • Talk to your doctor and create a diet chart that will get you through the day and also reduce the intake of Trans fats. Get rid of that stress hanging over your head. Meditate, sleep well, spend time with loved ones, and opt for counseling if required to prevent major lifestyle diseases

Major Lifestyle Disease no. 3: High Blood Pressure [Hypertension]

  • High blood pressure is also known as hypertension. Hypertension is one of the most common lifestyle diseases around the globe. It doesn’t always show symptoms, so the best way to know about your blood pressure is by regularly getting it checked. Keep in mind – it’s a dangerous silent killer. 
  • Listed among the major lifestyle diseases, it can result in heart stroke, kidney diseases, loss of vision, and other complex health issues. Knowing how to prevent lifestyle diseases can help you find ways to avoid hypertension. 
  • As we know, our heart pumps blood to all parts of the body. When a sudden pressure makes it difficult for the heart to do its job with the same effectiveness, it can lead to life-threatening diseases. 
  • When hypertension enters the dangerous territory, you will notice symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, vomiting, blurred vision, nose bleeds, breathlessness, and heart palpitations. In women, hormonal factors also play a significant role in causing high blood pressure. Pregnancy, menopause, etc. are some common reasons after stress. 
  • Even teenagers can have high blood pressure due to obesity or other medical issues. This could lead to heart, kidney, and thyroid problems, and tumors. 1 person in 3 people has high blood pressure in the US. About 100 million Indians suffer from hypertension. No wonder it is one of the major lifestyle diseases across the globe.  

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How to Prevent Lifestyle Disease High Blood Pressure [Hypertension]

  • Medication is necessary to lower your blood pressure if it is really high. Controlling your blood pressure needs medicines and lifestyle changes. 
  • Increase the intake of raw vegetables and fruits, reduce eating sugar, salt & oil, cut down the excess caffeine, and moderate your alcohol intake. Quit smoking, go for a walk, listening to music, exercise regularly, or at least meditate to tackle common lifestyle diseases

Major Lifestyle Disease no. 4: Arteriosclerosis

  • One of the major lifestyle diseases, Arteriosclerosis, is the hardening and narrowing of your arteries. This reduces and prevents blood from flowing through and results in heart attacks and cardiovascular diseases. 
  • The problem with common lifestyle diseases is that the symptoms may not be noticed until it’s a little too late. The main symptoms include shortness of breath, pain in the chest, unusual heartbeat, numbness in arms, drooping facial muscles, paralysis, blurred vision, severe headache, high blood pressure, and kidney failure.
  • To diagnose Arteriosclerosis, doctors start with physical examination and move on to tests such as angiogram, chest X-ray, CT scan, or MRI scan. 
  • Imagine 17.9 million people dying due to cardiovascular diseases each year because they don’t care about knowing how to prevent lifestyle diseases. This amounts to around 31% of the total deaths in the world. This disease killing humans is a more significant threat than accidents. 
  • 85% of the deaths are due to heart attacks and strokes, and more than 75% of the deaths occur in countries with middle and low-income grades. The saddest part is that around 40% of the deaths are seen in the age group of 34-64 years, especially in India. 

How to Prevent Lifestyle Disease – Arteriosclerosis

· Smoking destroys your arteries. Lose those extra kilos and maintain a steady weight. Exercise daily and follow a strict diet chart. Cycling, swimming, brisk walking, and aerobics are good ways to put a check to Arteriosclerosis and handle common lifestyle diseases

Major Lifestyle Disease no. 5: Swimmer’s Ear

  • Swimmer’s ear has become one of the common lifestyle diseases in today’s world, thanks to excessive use of earphones and loud music/ sounds. It causes inflammation and infection in the ear canal or the outer ear. It is not always caused by swimming, despite the name. 
  • This is different from the ear infection or irritation you get when you have a cold. The bacteria and fungus are significant reasons for the swimmer’s ear. Though your ear fights off most of the bacteria with the help of ear wax, you can still end up with an infection. 
  • Using earbuds, pen caps, pencils, hairpins, or just about anything to scratch or clean your ear can result in infections. Also, earphones and headphones have bacteria on them, which cause a swimmer’s ear.
  • Though this is not a disease killing humans, in more than 12% of the cases, the swimmer’s ear has resulted in permanent loss of hearing. Itchiness in the ear, fluid leaking from the ear coupled with intense pain, trouble with hearing, are some symptoms of this disease.

How to Prevent Lifestyle Disease – Swimmer’s Ear

  • Keeping the ear dry is the best way to prevent bacteria from growing in the ear. Use earplugs when you go swimming. Use a bathing cap to cover the ears when taking a bath. Don’t go swimming in lakes or ponds. 
  • Tilt your head to one side at a time and shake off the excess water from your ears after a swim. Use the clean end of your towel to dry the ears. You can also use ear drops prescribed by the doctor. 

Major Lifestyle Disease no. 6: Cirrhosis

  • Cirrhosis is a liver disease that causes a loss of level cells and irreversible damage to the vital organ. Cirrhosis is listed as of the major lifestyle diseases as it is caused mostly due to excess alcohol consumption and viral hepatitis B and C. 
  • Blood tests, history, liver biopsy, are some ways to detect cirrhosis. It doesn’t have any cure, depending on the stage at which it is exposed. While liver transplantation is an option, it also doesn’t guarantee full results. This disease killing humans is not uncommon or unheard of. 
  • The symptoms of cirrhosis are not exclusive to the disease and may or may not show signs of liver disease. Weakness, fatigue, itching, yellowing of the skin (as with jaundice), easy bruising, etc. are some symptoms. 
  • There are four stages of cirrhosis. The third and fourth stages could result in the death of the patient. Cirrhosis has become one of the common lifestyle diseases. To know how to prevent lifestyle diseases like cirrhosis, stop consuming alcohol, and start eating healthy foods. 

How to Prevent Lifestyle Diseases – Cirrhosis

  • Stop consuming alcohol and start eating healthy foods. Low-fat and balanced diet is important.
  • Get vaccinated for Hepatitis B.
  • Keep your blood pressure under control and go for regular health checkups if you already have signs of cirrhosis.

Major Lifestyle Disease no. 7: Nephritis

  • The condition in which the nephrons of the kidney become inflamed and result in malfunctioning of the organ, is known as Nephritis. It is one of the major lifestyle diseases and is caused by various reasons.       
  • Acute glomerulonephritis, Lupus nephritis, Chronic glomerulonephritis, Alport syndrome, or hereditary Nephritis, IgA nephropathy, and Interstitial Nephritis are the different types of Nephritis. While some of these are hereditary, others are caused by hepatitis B and C or HIV. Too many antibiotics and excessive use of pain killers can also cause damage to the kidneys. 
  • As one of the common lifestyle diseases, the risk of Nephritis is increased by obesity, high blood pressure, heart diseases, and a family history of kidney diseases. A biopsy is the best way to detect Nephritis, though the presence of protein in the urine is a symptom. 
  • Finding blood in the urine, foamy urine, changing colors of urine, changes in urinary habits, and swelling of ankles, feet, face, etc. are some symptoms of Nephritis. Early treatment can prevent kidney damage and save your life. 

How to Prevent Lifestyle Disease – Nephritis 

· While preventing Nephritis is not entirely possible, making lifestyle changes can reduce the risk for many people and prevent this disease killing humans. Quitting smoking, maintaining healthy body weight, ensuring that your blood pressure is within acceptable healthy limits, and exercising regularly are a few ways to reduce the risk of Nephritis. Not taking too many pain killers is also suggested to keep common lifestyle diseases in check.

Major Lifestyle Disease no. 8: Depression

  • Depression is a silent disease killing humans, which doesn’t show any outward symptoms. The feeling of sadness, loss of interest, a sense of dissatisfaction with everything and anything, etc. No one is spared by depression in today’s world. From children to old people, anybody can become a victim of depression. 
  • Depression is considered as one of the major lifestyle diseases when more and more people (including famous celebrities) began taking their lives despite appearing to be happy and cheerful. 
  • It is a mood disorder that is an ongoing problem. It is one of those common lifestyle diseases that can last for weeks, months, or years. Some people find relief by feeling better for a few days while sinking into depression at the slightest trigger. 
  • There are several signs & symptoms of depression. It depends on the observer to notice the sudden shifts in mood and the responses of a person to realize that he/ she is suffering from depression. Irritability, anxiety, loss of weight, eating disorder, sleeping disorder, mercurial moods, fatigue, etc. are some common symptoms. 
  • Statistics show that more women suffer from depression. Adults aged between 18-25 showed the highest signs of depression, pushing depression into the list of major lifestyle diseases. When it comes to understanding more about how to prevent lifestyle diseases like depression, therapy, and support from loved ones are more effective. Though medicines do their job, having someone to talk to can help people come out of depression. It has to be a gradual process. 

How to Prevent Lifestyle Diseases Such As Depression

  • When it comes to depression, therapy and support from loved ones are most effective.
  • Though medicines do their job, having someone to talk to can help people come out of depression. It has to be a gradual process and one needs to be patient when dealing with people suffering from depression.

Major lifestyle diseases have now become common lifestyle diseases which are resulting in various diseases killing humans. Unless you make an effort to change your habits and lifestyle for betterment, the risk of becoming a victim of any of these diseases will always be there. Let us try to start making small changes to our routine and lifestyle to lead happy and healthy lives and set an example for the coming generations. 

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