Carmel Public School in Tilda block of Raipur District

ICSE results are out and the students of Carmel Public School, Tulsi-Tilda have scored splendid result in Chhattisgarh. 100% of students have passed the exam, all with first-class [above 60% score] except one. Total of 84 students appeared for the exam, from the school in 2019.

100% in Mathematics, English, History and PE.
Anmol Agrawal Scored 97.4% in ICSE board exams.

Sister Ansa – the principal of the school has informed that 100% of students have passed the ICSE 10th Board Exam 2019. And the topper is Anmol Agrawal who has scored 97.4 % in the board exams. Anmol has scored 100% marks in English Literature, Mathematics, History and Physical Education, with 96 in Science and Hindi. She has secured a place in the top 5 in Chhattisgarh State.
Anmol gives credit to her parents and teachers for her excellent result. She is the daughter of Industrialist Vishal Agrawal and Columnist Neha Agrawal.

Dipanshu stood Second in the Tilda block: ICSE 2019

The second rank holder in Tilda City is Dipanshu Sahu who has scored 95.2% in total, whereas 98 in Physical Education, 97 in Hindi, Science, and History group.
Dipanshu is the son of Dr Shishupal Sahu and Pushpa Sahu.

On the third position stand two students: Anurag Gandhi and Aryan Dhal with 94.2% in total. Anurag has secured 97 in Hindi, and History Group and 96 in Science and Physical Education whereas Aryan scored 98 in Physical Education and 96 in Mathematics and History group.

Anurag stood 3rd in the Tilda block ICSE RESULT 2019
Aryan Dhal shared 3rd rank with Anurag.

Anmol Agrawal gives tips to focus on the studies in all situation and says, “I never prioritize anything other than my studies. And have studied regularly for 4 to 6 hours around the year, whereas in exam times even 18 hrs per day.” Anmol emphasizes on scheduling the studies properly and revise the syllabus again and again. So, planning well and working hard are the keys to her achievement.

Similarly, Dipanshu says, “I kept a distance from social media and kept going towards my goal without failure. I focused on revisions of the course.” Anurag says, ” Understanding the topics well and expectedly delivering the answers is what I have pursued.” The third topper of the block Aryan Dhal says, ” I think differently than others. I prefer smart work over hard work. And use to focus on quality revisions than increasing the number of revisions.”

All the students add together gives a message of hard work, focus, and regular studies around the year. Proud parents of the students emphasized that the kids have been studying for years, and this is not the result of merely one year of studies in the 10th standard.

In totality, 12 students of the school have scored above 90% in the exams and have given extravaganza ICSE result. All the students give credit to the respected principal Sister Ansa and wise-principal Sister Sobell Maria for scoring good results. The sisters encourage the students to excel in the studies and give a healthy and clean environment for the students in the school.

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