10 Weird facts about Superstitions around the world!

There are many interesting superstitions around the world that amaze us! Humans practice these superstitions and feel relieved from all the probable dangers! Actually, mankind has always worshipped those they have feared for and found themselves unable to understand the logic behind.

Weird Superstitions
Are You Superstitious?

Well, our research and a little knowledge about the superstitions believe that people anyhow find a reason behind believing weird superstitions, that keep them away from reality! Most of the people are superstitious whether; they place faith or being on numbers/colours or just avoid bad omens.

In some cases, most of the people also get very uppity about the superstitions, by reading the star signs every day! As the superiority of our modern humanity has passed down some of the superstitions way back in years. On today, the superstitions are mostly believed in bringing ‘luck’- and also by avoiding and attracting the signs which may turn on. Though, we still have records on some of the completely bizarre and weird superstitions around the world.

Weird Fact 1:   Say the word ‘rabbit’ to bring good luck!

Keep the picture of these adorable bunnies aside, have you ever wondered what the rabbits could also be one of the weirdest but interesting superstitions around the world?

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People believe that to utter the word ‘rabbit’ on the first day of every month will give them good luck!

                           Well, years ago the people in the UK started the rage of ‘superstitions’ by uttering the word ‘rabbit’ twice in a new month. Many people were very superstitious to look forward to a new month to bring good luck if they say this word ‘rabbit’! Many people believed the word as magic! So, without failing people strongly believed in continuing this good luck practice by saying the word ‘rabbit’ before any other word could come out on the very first day of the new month. We know this might sound a little bizarre and weird to take the word’ rabbit’ as a luck sign in itself! But, this is indeed true and it has marked its place as one of the most interesting superstitions around the world!

According to the Uk living, there were also few varieties made on this thing by naming it as a ‘rabbit’ legend. This superstition has been in the record since the starting of the 19th century by tracking the people of the Uk doing the same in the first day of each month.

Weird Fact 2.  Walk backwards and attract the devil!

In Portugal and Italy, most of the people believed that walking backwards brings bad luck to their lives. And, it is considered that it will show the devil or evil spirits where you are heading towards and even where you are. A few people believe that it can even cause death!

weird superstitions walking backward
Can walking backward curse you? Really?

This interesting superstition is prevailing since the 19th century, and till date, many people in Italy and Portugal are following this! This is quite unbelievable and bizarre superstitions in itself that if this is true that how did Michael Jackson the most famous moonwalk dancer became so popular?  Also, it is believed that the left foot is unlucky in itself, so to be safe it is always better to enter and leave a room or house with the right foot. We know this is one of the most unbelievable superstitions around the world which you might have head ill now, but it is true, and it is still followed by many people… No wonder why!

Weird Fact 3. Tuck in your thumbs in a cemetery!

In Japan, it is believed that if you walk by a graveyard or a Hearst passes you by, to bring luck for yourself and for your parents you must tuck in your thumbs in your fist. This is all because you can protect your parents as well as yourself. We know this is quite weird to tuck in them in the name of the graveyard! But, you might not know that the Japanese word for thumb conveys and translates it as ‘parent-finger.’ By, hiding it, you can protect your parents as well as yourself from death.

Weird Superstitions
Cemetery Superstitions: We need to avoid it.

One of the most interesting superstitions and weird facts about the cemetery superstitions we all might have always considered is to not step over a grave as it can bring bad luck! Almost all of us always apologizes when we step over a grave, but most of us didn’t have the idea and would have never heard of that if a person walks over a grave might die soon. Alternatively, to bring luck in this case, you can tuck in their thumbs into the fist while passing a cemetery, to protect the parents from death. This is one of the weirdest superstitions around the world!

Weird Superstitions AROUND The World
Women Eating Meat are at the risk of growing beard!

Weird Fact 4:  Women eating goat meat to grow a beard!

Have you ever thought on this interesting superstition that a woman could grow a beard on her face by eating goat meat to get a strong and stubborn look? Obviously this is a big no! But, there is a weird fact which has marked it as interesting superstitions around the world, which we are sure that you might have never heard or even though of!

This interesting superstition was carried in Rwanda; an old women tale states that the women’s who eat goat’s meat are more likely intended to grow a  beard on face to become strong and stubborn. If this fact does not faze you, it might be worth noting that many local women in Rwanda have often reported the story which was cooked up by greedy men’s who liked having all the good goat meat. We know this is kind of bizarre and weird to eat goat meat in the thought of superstition or we can say as a misconception that it could help in growing a beard!

Weird Fact 5. Writing love and heartbroken letters to Juliet Capulet!

Juliet Capulet has marked itself with believes and hopes from people by making it one of the most interesting superstitions around the world. Each year, a small town in Italy, Veronica- home of Romeo and Juliet- receives millions of letters of unrequited love and heartache. The tradition of sending the messages to Juliet is likely going from many centuries. Since many decades, people are travelling to Veronica to send their love notes to Juliet, in the hope that it will bring luck and good fortune to their love life. This weird fact holds a very interesting superstition with it……. know that below!

Weird Superstitions
Superstitions: Juliet’s Tomb

The tradition is going since the 18h century, and people have made it as a superstition. People leave the notes on local landmark which is said to be Juliet’s tomb. Later, people started sending the letters directly to the city. By the 19th century, the Verona city began receiving more than 60000 messages each year, so they created an office to deal with so many responses from people around the globe. We know this is kind of hypothetical to believe that people send the letters to bring good fortune, no wonder if love came so easy in hand, all of us might be happy well settled and happy in love.

Weird Fact 6. Stay young forever by carrying an acorn!

 Acorn is a fruit of the oak tree, which is associated with a variety of weird facts and interesting superstitions and beliefs since the time of immemorial.

Weird Superstitions: Carry Acorn to Stay Young!
Strange Superstitions: Carry Acorn to stay young!

There is a bizarre superstitious belief which many women believed in ancient Britain that was if you carry an acorn in the pocket you will start young forever! They sincerely believed this thing, and many of them just forgot about their anti-agent cream! Instead, women have begun carrying ample of acorns in their purse and pockets. According to our research, the main reason behind this was the belief in an oak tree as people believed that it can provide a youthful appearance and can also ward off major illness by giving extended life.

There is also one more weird facts associated with acorn which you might not have heard of! Well, in the 19th century, young lovers in Britain used to place two acorns by using it as an object to represent their love and affection to each other. The couple uses to put the acorn on a bowl of water to predict their future together. Their belief says that if the acorn’s drifted towards each other, they might undoubtedly marry. If we see this belief and as superstitions around this world practically, we wonder we each might face a breakup with our lovers!

Weird Fact 7. Keeping all the mirrors covered during Shiva!

Shiva is a term which is used as a part of the Jewish process to mourn after a family member, or a loved one has died. The Shiva is usually a mourning period of 7 days in which no other day to day activities are undertaken. Which means, no one goes to work; no one can watch television, and even no one can read the newspaper. In a mourning house, the food is prepared to celebrate the new life of the person who is gone. The period of Shiva is usually ended after 7 days by walking around the blocks of home.

Weird Superstitions!
Cover the Mirrors to ditch the Death?

Shiva is part of the Jewish process of mourning after a loved one has died. During the time of Shiva, many Jewish people believed that it is better to keep all the mirrors in a house covered with sheets and clothes. You might be wondering why such a thing has to be done! Well, the weird facts behind this are that people believed that the people who mourn should not see their appearance in the mirrors, all they should be concerned is about the loss of their loved one who has passed away. Many Jewish people believed in this weird and interesting superstition and till now many of them practice it!

Weird Fact 8.  Wearing black attires during the funeral and mourning period!

The tradition and custom to wear black attires during the funerals started back in the time of the Roman Empire. Since then, people are following the interesting superstitions and belief to adorn and wear black colour to symbolize the mourning.

Weird Superstitions
Weird Superstitions: Wear Black to Mourn.

The trend and the most interesting superstition around the world belief came through in the 19th century, especially of the women’s. Well, the weird facts behind this are that during mourn and funeral periods, people wore everything in black from accessories, clothing, and shoes to the headdresses.

Another, weird facts which originated from this custom is that many people believed that a person’s death is contagious. The tradition said to avoid people who have been near to the dead people. So, people believed to wear black attires so that other’s can spot them to avoid. Well, you won’t believe, but some people also used to give up all colours during the morning period, so that they can have quick passage on the sorrows.

Weird Fact 9. Don’t eat lettuce to have children!

According to this interesting superstition, eating lettuce could hinder the men from having children! In the 19th century, many English men avoided eating the salads especially lettuce if they wanted to have a child. We know this superstition around the world is quite funny as no one can offer any scientific explanation to it yet!

Weird Superstitions
Do not eat lettuce …if you want to have children!

However, according to our little research, there is one weird fact we got on this is that lettuce is determined to the childbearing because it is a sterile plant. As sterile plants exhibit peculiarities in their actions, many men believed that it would same operate on men. No wonder how men in the 19th century could think such a silly thing without any scientific reason behind it. And thank god, for now, men are not following this weirdest superstition!

Weird Fact 10.  Pass a newborn baby through cheese!

This is one of the most traditional but silly customs; you might have heard of. It has been carried out since the 16th century. This interesting superstition says that once a woman goes into the pain of labour, the going to be proud fathers get busy in procuring a wheel of cheese for their baby and their family members. It is anticipated that if the cheese is passed in front of a newborn baby, it can bring good luck, prosperity, and a healthy life.

weird superstition
Can passing the baby through cheese can really bless her?

Well, this is kind of weird to do put cheese in front rather than celebrating the life of a newborn. Well, another weird fact about the cheese superstitions is that many people in Great Britain use to place the cheese; into the apron of their wife, so that they could dream their future loves.

These are some of the weird superstitions around the world with facts which we have made you known today! Now, it’s time for you to act with the logic of yours to believe this by not continuing to do the same in your life. We hope this article might have given you some light on the interesting superstitions happening around us!

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