7 Offensive Facts About the World We Live In

               Despite the offensive & horrendous human acts diffused in the world, we are busy in making merry on our atrocious planet! Generally, we assume that the humans are the most loving – soothing creatures in the world, but human history is full of the notorious incidents of cruelty, exerted by humans on humans! You would not believe how inhumane a human can be, without reading these 7 Offensive facts about the world we live in!

1.Offensive Human Zoo on The Earth: Andaman Islands Offering Human Safari!

                Andaman Islands of India is exhibiting Human Zoo to their tourists, in the 21st century! The island is having one of the oldest tribes on the earth, and the authorities of the land are allowing a systematic safari to glance the bizarre humans on the planet. Isn’t it offensive!! The Indian government was offended earlier for allowing the human safari on the Andaman Islands a few years back, whether now it is allegedly condemned as the tourists have started sexually harassing the native women, just in exchange of some food!

               Jarawa brook is the dwelling place of the oldest tribes found in the Andaman Islands of India. The pitch-black skin and red eyes of this tribe leave us dazzled in case they come in front of us. India’s supreme court banned these offensive safaris, but then it cried off the decision after the island administration assured that the Jarawa would be protected from the prying psych of the tourists. Myriad vehicles still march through the jungle with the tourists including the hilarious ones whose chief purpose is to photograph nude members of the tribe.

Human Zoo on the Earth

  A Jarawa woman being given biscuits by a bus driver on the Andaman Trunk  Road. Image Courtesy: PANKAJ SEKHSARIA/SURVIVAL

2. The Offensive Brutal Torture Houses – Inhumane Medical Experiments Imposed by Germany.

During World War II, Nazi doctors had imposed most inhumane medical experiment on the captives & prisoners in Germany. They had privileged broad access to helpless human beings taking advantage of the worst war situations. They use human bodies like rats for their useless whimsical & offensive ‘Medical Experiments,’ that gave no useful reports after the painful, inhumane experiments they imposed. In one way, these experiments were just another form of mass torture and murder. The experience of the Nazi medical experiments performed in the concentration camps were the worst examples of awful tortures.

Several descriptions in the words of the victims are available about those ‘Medical Researches.’ Ms. A [Age 83] informs, “The experiment was done on my uterus in Auschwitz, Block 10. I was given shots in my uterus and, as a result of that, I was fainting from severe pain even after years passed. Professor Hirsh from the hospital in Tzrifin examined me and said that my uterus became as a uterus of a 4-year-old child and that my ovaries shrank.”

Inhumane Nazi Medical Experiments

A prisoner subjected to mustard gas.   Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Hundreds of people are having such really offensive remembrances left a deep atrocious mark on their soul for the lifetime! Some have become deaf (eardrums are removed), some blind (dye is injected in the eyes), some are bite by deliberately poisoned dog teeth, some are stitched together (twins) to perform experiments on, some are used to check new sterility procedures.

No experiment was conducted with any thought or precautions to the well being of the person (subject) from the possibilities of injury, disability, or death. Instead, the injuries, infections and offensive tortures were drilled deliberately. In virtually all the experiments the humans experienced extreme pain, permanent injury, mutilation, or death.

One of the native nearby alleged that the tourists have now started sexually abusing girls from the tribe – what can be more offensive than the fact that human are putting humans in zoo?

3. The Life Unworthy of Life: The Offensive Aktion T4 Program

In 1934, Hitler personally decided to euthanize the individuals in Nazi Germany who were mentally or physically disabled, incurably ill, emotionally distraught, and older adults; usually through the compulsion or deception of their caretakers. He launched a euthanizing program state-wide, and between 200,000 to 300,000 individuals were murdered through this program, who according to the state; had no right to live.

The offensive methods used to murder people in the euthanasia program used at German hospitals were initially lethal injections and bottled gas poisoning, but later on, some gas chambers were built from scratch to conduct the extermination of the incurable persons.

After a strong protest from the people, and priests Hitler declared to halt the program in August 1941, but actually, it had gone underground and continued covertly during the World War II. While the program claimed over 70,000 victims during its two years of offensive operation, when it ended in 1945; until the military defeat of Nazi Germany; around 300,000 people had been slaughtered. Virtually half of the victims had been children.

Offensive Facts

This photo is taken at the Heilanstalt Schönbrunn sanatorium, near Dachau concentration camp on Feb. 16, 1934. Children like this had soon fallen victim to the Aktion T4 euthanasia program. Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons.

4. And It En-wrapped Everything: The Offensive Bhopal Gas Tragedy

The poisonous cloud that night showered death and agony over a sleeping city in India and aroused the world to the most offensive danger hanging over humankind. It’s a nightmare come true – the 3,787 dead and 100,000 injured in the city of Bhopal. Due to the toxic methyl isocyanate (MIC) gas leakage. Hundreds of people died on the spot whereas thousands developed incurable diseases & deformities. This can happen at any place where people live close to the powerful tools & machinery.

This offensive incident took place because of the toxic gas leaked from the Union Carbide subsidiary pesticide plant in the city of Bhopal, India. On the night between 2-3 December 1984, the plant accidentally released tonnes of MIC gas, exposed more than 500,000 people to the gas. … Thousands died immediately from the effects of the gas. As the toxic gas leaked into Bhopal, death and agony spread throughout the city. In children; born to gas-affected mothers; many severe birth defects occurred: cleft lip, clubfoot, and joined fingers.

Bhopal became hell after that night. Seventy funeral pyres, stacked 25 bodies high, all burning at once. Mass graves near overflowing. Those who saw this tragically offensive scene can never forget it! Babies were gasping for breath in hospitals that reported a death a minute. The city of 900,000 people stank of death. The leaves on trees were shriveled and yellowed. Ponds got scummy. Turnips and spinach grew scorched in fields, and milk turned foul.

Offensive Facts of the World -Bhopal Gas Tragedy

Image Courtesy:

The American company Union Carbide hired a consultant group Arthur D. Little, who performed a study at the Bhopal site and found that sabotage was the cause of the disaster. Even before this incident in the factory, several accidents had occurred. Various studies showed that this was partially due to spending cuts. Virtually every device that meant to prevent such a offensive disaster was switched off or inoperable. Moreover, nearly 300 employees had been fired, and untrained employees were performing technical work without precautionary materials. Not only were Bhopalis affected by MIC in 1984, but residents are also still suffering from the consequences today.

5. Dreadfully Offensive Crimes All Over the World:

We live in the world where offensive people commit unbelievably atrocious crimes against other humans! Hundreds of incidents are in the history and thousands are happening today! One is here that can make you experience the abhorrent feelings inside you.

Jimmy Prout Murder Case – The murder of Jimmy Prout occurred in February of 2016 in Northumbria, England. Prout, 45, had a low IQ and was considered a “vulnerable adult.” Prout believed that he had made friends with some local people; but he never knew that no-one can be more fatal & offensive than those friends; Zahid Zaman (43), Ann Corbett (26), Myra Wood (50) and Ken Rayworth (56). All the four held Prout captive, since the November 2016.

His scrotum was slitten open and his testicle was removed. Prout was forced to consume his own testicle. Can anything be more offensive than this? He was severely beaten, given the bare minimum of food and water, and forced to have sex with a dog. His teeth were all knocked out with a hammer and chisel. They killed Prout after torturing him for 2 months. Prout’s body was found after 6 months of his killing on 27 March 2016, in an isolated area where it was eaten by animals.

6. Offensive Act of The Era – Human Skulls Mutilation

Wars bring the worst out of us. But just how far does that “worst” should limit? During WW II some US soldiers committed the most offensive crime of mutilating the body parts of human!! & skulls of the dead Japanese soldiers! And even turned them into souvenirs & trophies of war [!] and sent them to their special female friends, wives or other folks back home. Mutilation was so widespread, that after 40 years, in 1984 when the Mariana Islands repatriated the remains of Japanese soldiers killed, back to their country. Nearly 60 percent of the bodies were missing their skulls.

World War 2 - Human Skulls Mutilation

7. Mass Rape – Offensive Crime of Congo Civil War

Toward the end of the 20th century, Congo fell into a decades-long civil war, which call some most dreadful & offensive acts like creation of Child soldiers, Cannibalism, and terrible Mass Rapes in the country! The use of rape was so widespread in this war that the U.N. decided to consider rape to be an instrument, and not a side effect, of war. A study from the American Journal of Public Health, 2011 found that around 1.8 million women in the Congo have been raped, that averages to about 48 women per hour.

7 facts- 7th.

Image Courtesy:  #  Congolese women experienced hell on the earth  in the civil war.

Women of all ages had targeted. The victims were as young as 9 months or as old as 80 or 90 years! In some instances, women’s genitalia are mutilated, with their families being forced to watch. Isn’t it a culmination of offensive acts?

The filmmaker Fiona Lloyd-Davies who spent time in the Congo to make a film about rape there wrote, “Women told me how they expected to be raped. Not once but many times. The women I met, spoke of gang rapes, three or four times. Sometimes it was ‘only’ two soldiers, more often gangs of men, 10, 20, over and over again.”

A young Congolese soldier recounts the most offensive crime he and his comrades committed in Minova saying, “Twenty-five of us gathered together and said we should rape 10 women each, and we did it,” he said. “I’ve raped 53 women. And children of five or six years old.”

Apart from the physical scars, such offensive crimes leave traumatic experience — disfiguring fistulas and STIs are common among rape victims in the Congo — the emotional trauma can be impossible to overcome.

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