She was the Queen of Silver Screen! She was a Power-Pack-Actress! The way she handled her career, the way she played every role of her life, has made her a larger than life character!

Whole India stopped on Saturday-the 24th Feb, when the News of Sridevi’s demise aired  after midnight, on the social media! Everyone was shocked, no one was agreed to believe that the news was a ‘Truth’. Similar is the case even today – after 72 hours of her death, when her dead body reached to her motherland! Her fans; that came from various states of India; were standing out of her bunglow for hours, just to have a glance of her.

Today when her body reached to her bungalow ‘The Green Acres’ at Lokhandwala  in Mumbai, hundreds of her fans were waiting for her! People are not eating properly not sleeping properly, since three days, in India. Such is the ‘Aura’; such is the popularity of the acting powerhouse, and dancing diva!!

The way she left the life, is unbelievable!

Popularity of the Queen of Cinema:


She is called The First Women Superstar of Indian Cinema!! She has worked in 300 films in her life time and the thing is that she became a superstar of -Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, and Hindi – all the five Cinemas she worked in!!

She played a lead role in nearly 65 Hindi movies, and out of 65, 48 were hit or super hit! People have not yet forgotten the charm of Chandni, the magic of Lamhe, the two totally diverged roles in Chaalbaz, Charlie Chaplin or the blue saree song of Mr.India. How she always amazed her fans with the vivacious roles in the movies like Sadma, Tohfa, Himmatwala, khuda Gawah, Naagin! How can one forget her blockbuster comeback film(2012) – English Vinglish that only Sri can do!

Sri latest

   In her 50 years long career she has created an aura of her stardom! The way she worked against the Superstars like Amitabh Bachhan, and Rajesh Khanna and  over-dominated the screen, will be remembered for hundreds of years! 

 Dancer Extraordinaire of the Era:

Be it her Kalasedance, Hawahawai, Naagin dance, Morni or Nau-Nau chudiya…..cinema viewers would never be able to bury the remembrances of her over-the-top moves! She completely stole the heart of millions by her unforgettable dancing moves. Those who grew up looking this Silver-screen actress are now  saying, “ Nobody can fill the vacuum that the demise of the diva has created!”

Sri 4

Comedy Queen:

People have not yet forgotten the way she had made them laugh in Mr.India, Chaalbaaz, Lamhe, Nakabandi, and so many of her films! Her comic timing was amazing. When she

Sri 5

used to come in front of the camera, directors used to get confused- Whether to take close up to cover her expression or to shoot full-view to capture her gestures!! Amazingly talented artist devoted all her childhood and whole her existence only towards the cinema.

Stately Fashionable:

She had touched 54 but was still presenting herself impressively in public. Her fashion and her outfits were just iconic! Whether a ‘Saree’ or a western outfit, she used to carry herself in a unique manner. The upcoming bollywood divas used to learn so many things from Sri.

Sri 6
Sri 7

We can’t forget what her directors said about her:

“I make films for Sridevi. The co-stars are not important. If people can make films for Amitabh, why I can’t make films for Sri?” –Harmesh Malhotra, Director, Nagina

“People who think there can be another actress who emotes as well as Sridevi, are fools.”-  Ram Gopal Varma

“Filming ‘Mr. India’ songs and the Charlie Chaplin sequence with Sridevi were one of the most joyful moments of my directing experience. Her intuitive sense of the comic and the sensual are amazing.” – Shekhar Kapur, Director, Mr. India

“Sridevi’s screen personality is sheer magic. You can never really guess what she’s capable of until she switches herself on in front of the camera. You cant compare her with any heroine of the past. She’s one of a kind, yet you see in her almost every great actress of the past. She could easily stand in for any of them. – Yash Chopra

“When Purnachandra Rao, the producer approached me, I said: Get me Sridevi and I’ll make a film for you.”- Pankaj Parashar, Director, Chaalbaaz

“All the generations know only one name and that is Sridevi because she has had a long journey from a child artiste to Mom. It’s not a joke. If we want to watch a film, we first see reviews. But we don’t look for reports if the film has Sridevi. I am the only director who has done 24 films with you (Sridevi). If we do one more film, we can celebrate a silver jubilee.” –  KRaghavendra Rao, Director, Himmatwala during the screening of Mom.

Such artists descend on earth in several decades, but the way the cruel destiny has snatched her from us is unendurable. People will remember this unequaled actress since centuries. What we can learn from her life is her dedication, her focus, hard work, adaption, and never to lose attitude. May God always cherish her dreams that  went with her forever, and may she rest in peace and in our hearts forever……..

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