7 Steps To Create The Best Article

Though these are the days of dynamic blogs online, but everybody would have to admit that the days of article writing and publishing are not yet gone ! To inscribe beautiful word collages are still one of the obsessions of creative writers , article writers are now  blogging  their articles . So, we will have to say that ‘Writing Articles’ is not yet lackluster-ed , has not caught on the hop, yet.

To create alterations and modifications in lives- by using the keyboards n monitors- are still high on the hog. Let’s see how can a creative writer create magic in writing article :

Step 1 : Understand The Depth & Scope of the Topic 

scope of a topic

Every topic you get or choose has its own scope and depth. Even if you need to cover any one [given] aspect of the topic, still ………………… write a best and impacting article, you need to fathom the depth of the topic thoroughly. Understand the topic wholly. And then decide what are those aspects you need to cover to a lesser extent and what are for the fuller extent.

Understand the topic thoroughly, study it and then start to write.

Step 2 : Research Well 

research 1

The caliber and transcendence of any article are directly proportionate with the research carried out by the creator. The research you make on your topic can create the article in its prime. So, research well on internet, books, newspapers and live . Try to search answers to all the questions emerge in your brain about the topic . Don’t leave them unanswered.

Read 10k words if you have to deliver 1k or 1.5 k words article. In this way , your article will reflect the blend of  strength, confidence ,and facts.

Step 3 : Structure Your Material

structure of an article

After gathering and understanding all the needed facts on the subject , and choosing the ones you want to include in your article, you need to prepare and determine the structure of the article. Which is the thing you want to start with, and which are the points you would cover ? Think about it. What will the sequence of the facts ? Decide all these things and just start writing in a flow.

Write in your own natural language first , don’t concentrate on the vocabulary , you can always replace the words later, in editing stages. The structure can create the desired impact on the readers.

Start with a hooking paragraph and learn to add punching lines in the end.

Step 4 : Mind the Effect     

ideas propagate

After you create a rough draft of your article – Read it. If possible give a smart gap between writing the first draft and reading it . Read after a few hours. Read it as if you are a reader, and try to experience the feelings a reader may feel during the reading . This reading will suggest you the things that should be added or cut from the paragraphs. The effect on the readers is the

paramount factor – nothing is more important than this. If you are writing with some feelings ,those feelings should propagate in your readers’ conscious- that is a writer’s true success.

So, mind the effect of the piece you have written.

Step 5: Adorn Your Article : 

beauty of language

After checking the content,structure,flow and feel of the created article , it’s the time to adorn the language of your article. The first draft was created to achieve the fluency , so now you need to embellish the piece with the suitable synonyms of normal words, without disturbing the fluency.         

Choose the synonyms which match to the feel of your subject. If you are working on the topics like chatbots, ,mobiles or internet etc. the words should be technical. If you are writing on a subject that is related to health issues the words used can be medical related.

The words you use to convey your views can create magic to support your ideas. Adorn your article with the captivating sentences and efficacious vocabulary  to create a relic piece of writing.

Step 6 : Nominate an Eye-Catching Title


What the reader will glance first is your ‘Title’ , to make the reader start reading your article is possible only through your Title. So, understand which chord to touch through the Title. It can be readers’ curiosity, emotions, query or any such thing which compel a reader to peep into your content. 

Once the reader gets compel to start reading your article , it’s on your first hooking paragraph to hook him further.

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Step 7 : Include Mesmerizing Images [Do more than you are paid for]

Though you will be paid for your 1000 words and not for the images or graphs separately , if you will present the publishers with the connected mesmerizing images, graphs or charts, you will not be in loss. Even if your publishers don’t include all of your images, but this step of your’s will show your obsession with presenting best production . And this will call further orders for you . 

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