Architectural  Workplaces- World is Amazed At the Supreme Creations!!!!

Changing Forms of Architectural Workplaces

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             Nate Berkus – the World-Famous Interior Designer of America, Television Personality and Author of ‘ The Things That Matter’, once said in his interview that , “ The Best Design Projects  Are The Ones Where People Broke The Rules. ” –This exactly is what the architects do with the workplaces they design for themselves, these days!

                On having glimpses of these great pieces of architectural creations- these architects designed for their own workplaces – all you get is rollicking senses and obscure head !! The architects,these days, break all the limits of creations to bring into existence the best works of the earth!!

                   The spaces in which these great-world famous architecture firms produce their work are a source of interminable curiosity for others. Novice architects tantalize to understand the environment and patterns where the great ideas and drawings achieve aspects and guise.

Let’s see the Most Exotic Workspaces that the Greats & Famous have designed for themselves:

1] Office in the Woods by SelgasCano, Spain.

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                                                   Once again, Iwan Baan amazed the world with his great creation – a project amidst the woods by Spanish practice Selgas Cano: Their own architecture office.Office in the Woods by SelgasCano,
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                          Spanish architects Jose Selgas and Lucia Cano of SelgasCano have set an example in the world of architecture by establishing a memorable symbol of creation and design, in the form of a unique workplace for themselves. The duo has designed an office for their own practice, located amidst of woods, near Madrid in Spain.

                       The magnetic and enchanting tunnel-like space incorporate a 20mm thick, curved window made of transparent acrylic provides the novelty, attraction and uniqueness to the eyes of the spectators.

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                              The opaque, south-facing aspect is constructed from a 110mm thick, insulated, fiber-glass and polyester sandwich, offering shade from direct sunlight. At one end of the building, a hinged opening is attached to a weighted pulley mechanism which allows varying degrees of natural ventilation. Though created in the year 2007, it still draws the visitors just to have a look from outside. 

2] MVRDV House / MVRDV

mvrdv 1

         MVRDV is a well-established architectural firm, in Rotterdam, Netherlands. What they have designed for their own workplace is a sheer novelty presenting peace, freshness and innovative atmosphere for their employers.

MVRDV’s ,2400.0 sqm  interior renovation for their new offices, providing 150 work spaces, had at its core the idea to capture and enhance their DNA in what is now called the MVRDV House.

The architects associated with this project say that MVRDV family was in need of a new house; so we tried to capture a unique creation for us. “Everything that the home requires, a living room, a dining room, a sofa for the whole house to sit together,” explained MVRDV co-founder Jacob van Rijs. “I also consider it as a chance to exhibit how we work and function as an office, and tailor-cut new spaces that should boost our working methods and the output; efficient spaces that can enhance the collaborative ways in which we work, and we have done it perfectly, I guess, ” He added. 

mvrdv 2
mvrdv 3

The Doll-House style architecture has its own theme and specific furniture for different purposes of meeting; The Drawing Room is having whiteboard magnet walls for workshops, The Presentation Room is created in dark blue for larger formal meetings, The Lounge has comfortable low chairs for conversations in private, the peaceful brown in the Library Room and The Game Room for playing or informal meetings at the table-tennis table. And several other special monochrome rooms, gives the special charm to the world-class office place.

The building was originally designed by Dutch post-war architect Hugh Maaskant in 1952, who had also designed other iconic buildings in the city.

3] Zago Architectures, Los Angeles.

zago 1
                                                                                                            © Joshua White

Arup Creations’ new office, accumulating 2500 sqft area, in downtown Los Angeles exhibits a flexible and occasional working .The urbanized structure of the building is unique in its own way. It has incorporated an activity-based workplace which decreases dependency on conventional dedicated-desk layouts, and enhances the freshness of the working ambience.

zago 2
zago 3
                                                                                    Picture Credit :  

The designers of this structure have succeeded in presenting the most innovative and urbanized ideas in their elevations.

 4] Apos2 / Apostrophy’s, Thailand

red 1
                                                                                       Picture Credit :  

For the explosive growth rate of the budding office-areas, these days, spending overmuch time to design and construct a new one, may affect the growth and efficiency. “Apos2” has therefore tried a new concept.

It has embraced the prototype of instant-movable offices by using knock down structure assembly, utilizing simple-general techniques and easily available building material such as angle bars, plywood, basic fitting, and finishing with general painted color. But to add on the factor of uniqueness- the colors used are the 3 primary colors- Red, Blue, and Yellow!!

blue 2
yellow 1
red 2
                                                                                Apos -2 |  Bangkok, Thailand| 176.0 sqm

 “Apos2”, built in 2014, presents a space for learning a corporate culture and training for the beginner, so the creator has chosen vivid primary colors- have been used as a core of design- red, blue and yellow. The hues are marked on each floor with a separate color and have linked by a spectrum staircase, with free hand Typographic and playful Pictogram which illustrate design philosophy and has been placed on the wall.

tech blue
yellow 2
cept apos 2
tech support
                                                                                        Picture Credit :  

                   The elevations, aggrandizements and formations that are in front of the world today are suggesting that, whilst IT has changed the workplaces ultimately, people’s natural rate of absorption of change is also increasing. The  possible  magnitude  of  change  in  workplace  architecture , due  to the technology  development has become boundless and reckless!! Architects are creating supreme designs for their own workplaces, in this era!!

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