Vegetarians live longer – is this a myth? Really an average life expectancy of a vegetarian is longer than a non vegetarian ? Do vegans live longer than non vegans? To generate the answers of these questions , we need to go through all the studies and researches carried out by scientists in various countries .
Researchers say really an average life expectancy of a vegetarian is longer than a non vegetarian . And vegans live longer than non vegans.If it is so we need to know why do vegetarians live longer and what are the reasons behind it ? Why do vegetarians live healthier and longer lives ?

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Do Vegetarians Really Live Longer Than Meat Eaters?
A statistical analysis that combines data from multiple studies ( A meta-analysis) conducted in 2012 in USA ; concluded that vegetarians had a 29% lower risk of early death from heart disease and an 18% lower risk for cancer. One more research carried by NCBI, in USA, UK and Germany, on 8300 deaths among 76,000 men and women , says that vegetarians have a lower risk of dying from ischemic heart disease than non-vegetarians.
Vegetarian diets have lower cholesterol levels which results in lower blood pressure.
It encourages lower intake of saturated fats, which decreases risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and certain cancers. Vegetarian or vegan food also maintains healthier body weights.
So, lets discover what are the reasons that vegetarians live a longer life than non vegetarians? Here are the 7 reasons for that :

1. Encourages Lower Levels Of Blood Pressure

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Studies suggest that not only do vegetarians maintain lower blood pressure on average as compared to others, but also switching to vegetarianism from meat eating could prove helpful in lowering the hypertension.

Vegetarian diets that includes veggies, soups, fruits, legumes, nuts, juices, herbs ,whole grains reduce cholesterol and calories & fats’ intake , which is extremely helpful in maintaining the blood pressure in our body.
2. Maintains Distance From Cardiovascular Diseases:

44,000 people reported that vegetarians are at a lower risk of arresting in cardiovascular conditions, including stroke and cardiac arrest. They are 32% less likely to develop ischemic heart disease.

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Vegetarians; who are strictly restricted to plant foods; keep their heart at lowest risk of attacks and strokes.

3. Less Likely To Be The Prey Of Diabetes:

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A study conducted on the diet of various people, suggest that people who followed a vegetarian diet are less exposed to the risk of the diabetes. One major study conducted by NCBI , in May 2009 also says, ‘ Prevalence of type 2 diabetes increased from 2.9% in vegans to 7.6% in non-vegetarians.’ Lower risk of diabetes is a gift of vegetarianism, it can lower an individual’s risk of developing diabetes by helping in maintaining weight and by improving blood sugar control.

While it is proved that switching from non-vegans to vegetarianism can’t cure diabetes , if has once developed.

4. Vegetarians Are Less Likely To Be Obese d:

Studies have established the fact that vegetarians are less tended towards these days critical lifestyle issue- Obesity. Vegetarians, in general, are leaner than non-vegetarians. Studies declares that the vegetarians have lower levels of Body Mass Index (BMI) and cholesterol levels.

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Some data suggests that a vegetarian diet help with weight loss .Moving on to a pure vegetarian diet can even help the meat eaters to flatten their bear bellies and maintain the weight loss if followed for a longer period of time. The healthier you are, the better your longevity will be.

5. Better Combating Power Against Cancers :

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Researchers at Loma Linda University in California studied different versions of the vegetarian diet and cancer risk among the people. It has discovered that a vegetarian diet may have protective benefits.

Studies of NCBI, USA also confronts that ‘People show a better combating power against cancer if are strictly vegetarians and also that Vegetarian diets seem to confer protection against cancer.’ Although the study is not the final say on the matter, we can say that the vegans had the lowest risk for cancers.
6. Less Prone To Mood Swings And Depression:

A study conducted on the ‘Influence of Food on Mood’ in 2012 revealed that people with vegetarian diets are less prone to mood swings and depression. This study randomly dissevered participants into three diet groups: All-meat allowed Fish-only, and Vegetarian (no-meat). The researchers found that after two weeks, the people on the vegetarian diet reported more mood improvements than those on the other two diets.

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A shift from meat or fish diet to vegetarian diet help people combat mood swings better. It can definitely increase one’s life expectancy.

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7. Lower risk of death:

A 2013 study of more than 70,000 people found that vegetarians had a 12% lower risk of death compared with non-vegetarians. With none of the saturated fat and cholesterol that clogs arteries, vegetarians may be at a lower risk for chronic diseases overall.

8. Prevents Developing Kidney Stones
Dr Edward declares in his research on vegetarians that a vegetarian diet is associated with a higher consumption of fiber, folic acid, vitamins C and E,magnesium, unsaturated fat, and countless photochemical , for these reasons practicing a vegetarian diet can be a fantastic entry into experiencing a better health.

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New York University Langone Medical Center reports that eliminating animal protein consumption in favor of vegetables will result in a higher urine pH; whereas low urine pH has been associated with stone formation. Following Vegetarian diet can save you from having kidney stones, to a bigger extent.

9. It Can Fulfill Your Nutritional Requirements:


If you think vegetarians and vegans are nutritionally deficient or always hungry, think again! The official position of The American Dietetic Association is that a comprehensive and well designed vegetarian, or vegan, diet can be nutritionally sound and appropriate for all ages and stages of life, including infants, the elderly, and even Good health, reduced incidence of disease, and better management of existing health problems are all associated with following a vegetarian diet.

10. Keeps You Away From Numerous Diseases :
Vegetarian diet may save you from other diseases too. According to research published by Brazil’s Universidad Federal de Pernambuco, a vegetarian diet may positively improve symptoms of diseases like psoriasis, cataract development in eyes, chronic lower respiratory diseases, strokes, cerebrovascular diseases, dementia.

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Vegetarians usually are the individuals who are more dedicated and more conscious towards a healthy and ideal life. This also counts. Because of their consciousness, they use to be also indulged in daily workouts, yoga or other types of exercises. They maintain proper sleep cycles, sometimes also practice meditation. These things add on to vegan’s life quality.

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If one wants to live a longer and healthier life he should also maintain other healthy habits regarding to sleeps, alcohol, smoking, etc. Vegetarianism mended with these other boosters will actually boost your life expectancy.

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