What a kid will explore in his lifetime depends completely on what he received in his childhood. A person’s life actually initiates at a point when he was in his mother’s lap. Believe me; it actually matters whether he gets a cradle or her mother’s arms to sleep when he was an infant.You- being a mommy can shape up your kid’s whole life. You can convert him into a shiny academic student, an influential collegian or a super-successful person in life. If it is important for you to shape-up your kid’s future, you should read these super- influential tips:

01- Caress Him & Attend him [ Age:  0-5 years]


                  0-5 years is a very vital period to teach some very important habits to the infant. The journey starts from the eating habits & potty training to the names of colors ,shapes , veggies and animals. Further you will find yourself teaching him lessons of humanity, modesty, honesty, and mercy. In fact this is the time when knowingly or unknowingly the parents, especially the mother sow all the seeds inside the soil of the kid , which will become a huge tree as he grow.

                 You need to dedicate your steam energy, your precious time and your dedication to raise your kid , if you want him to become a bright student as well as a good human being in his Student’s Life.

02- Make Him A Sweetheart [ Age:  6-10 years]


                            In this span of age, a child is curious enough to learn everything, he comes in touch with. If you will teach everything along with the sugary treat of your love, your kid will show bonanza hike in his graphs, everywhere. A mother’s love, support and care becomes the kid’s strength in life. This is the time when you make your kid a super-student in studies, sports,dance & arts , and a lovely human being at the same time . This is the age when you will have to teach him how to focus and concentrate on his goal as well as how to live a community living. Both the things go side by side , for his better development.

03- Teach Him By Becoming his Friend  [ Age : 11-15 years]

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                        When your kid is somewhere between 11 to 15, you need to be his friend cum mom. In this age; very carefully; you should try to plant all the essentials values in his personality. Take help of books, movies, social meetings, etc to add all the positive traits in his personality. You should plant these traits in his conscious through your verbal-therapy, exactly like what psychotherapist do.

04- Encourage Him To Follow That One Goal [After 15 years] : 


By this time, your kid would have developed completely from inside. You can’t make many changes after this age in his inner conscious. That’s why it is very important to teach him basic lessons of life and behavior before this age.

Now its his age to focus on his studies. Because this is the age where your kid will have to pursue any one goal, and dedicate his 100% in achieving that One Definite Chief Aim .Whether his goal is in studies, on dance floor, in the strings of guitar, inside his football or in the speed of aerospace, everywhere he will need persistence, hard work, right thinking procedure, and all those gooddie gooddie talks which we read in all the good self-improvement books.  And you will see how your kid will shine in the future.

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