It’s not that much elusive , to treat Bipolar Disorder, as some people think of it .

If your loved one is suffering from – this Major Mental Illness – I would not say you need not to worry about it .You should be worried about him/ her, definitely. And should always keep a track of his treatment ,and should always be by his/ her side . ………….Always .

 And Do remember , its a brain disease in which the patient suffers a lot  !!! He use to ride a Roller- Coaster ride of Moods. From extreme one pole to the extreme another pole !!  From mania to Depression .  People’s moods swings to and fro , most of the time, if they are not diagnosed, or not on medication or are not in constant touch of his psychiatrist .

Please keep in mind, that , Bipolar Disorder is a Very Serious Disease .  But at the same time it is Highly Treatable, too . Although I must say ,there is no perfect cure for bipolar disorder, the treatment success rate on medication is more than 70% – says the statistics . With Anti Psychotic Medications and Psycho-Social Therapy it can be as high as 80 percent.


What is Bipolar Disorder ? 

B.D. earlier known as manic depression, is a state of mind where people’s moods dangle from UP to DOWN . It is basically an elevated state of mind. People suffering from bipolar disorder would sometimes be over charged and upbeat about everything. They talk faster, fidget more, expense tremendous, and then suddenly slip into a depressive state of mind for hours, where they feel completely lethargic, sluggish, unworthy,and trifle . They found themselves unable to retract  from these moods .

One Pole : Hypomania 

Bipolar disorder has a symptom called hypo-maniac, which is like a High-Energy State where the person feels Over Enthusiastic without losing grip on reality. Some people experience a burst of energy and creativity, in this stage. A bipolar patient describes the state as “It is highly exhausting as well” he says, one other patient admits, ” Its a dangerous stage as , I drive very rash, expennse  thousands of rupees on trifle things, fight for no reasons . I find it very hard to struggle with so many thought patterns, all at once !!!” 

 Another Pole : Depression 

Opposite to the hypo maniac stage , in Bipolar depression, the person slows down , extremely . He feels lethargic, useless, unworthy and trifle . He doubts his ability to do anything well. Smiles disappears , face looks despondent. The desperate hopelessness gobbles him whole . A patient say about the depression , ” People use to tell me that , it’s only temporary, it will pass, you will get over it – I know it ,of course, they haven’t have any idea of how I feel.  Although they think are they do. If I can’t feel, move, think, or care, then what on earth is the point?”

B.D. 4

If you are a care taker of such person , pl keep in mind few points  :  

1] It is a myth that people with bipolar disorder cannot recover and lead a normal life. Yes, living with the disorder is challenging but there are many who are leading a healthy life with successful careers and families.

2]  It is important to be educated about the disorder. The more you know about it, the better you will be at helping your loved one to expedite recovery.

3] Try to Keep stress away from the patient : Avoid getting him/her into stressful situations and resort to relaxation methods like meditation, deep breathing techniques or yoga.

4] Be a solid support system to him/her : While medication is at the center of the treatment, having a good support system will help him  recover faster. You can make him  a part of support groups or reach out to trusted friends, too. 

5 ] Monitor moods: If you monitor his symptoms, you will know signs that make his  moods swing out of control. Try to stop the problem before it gets out of control.

6]It is a fact that bipolar disorder requires long-term treatment. It is a chronic illness that can relapse. So it’s important to continue medication to stay symptom free. Never ever disconnect the medication , without discussing it with your psychiatrist. 

7] Understand – Without medication this disease can never get treated.

Dr Joanna Moncrieff, a senior lecturer in Psychiatry at University College London says, ” “Diagnosis of bipolar disorder means the sufferer needs to be on heavyweight drugs their whole lifetime; the drugs that are meant for serious psychiatric conditions. ” ( In her book about the Bipolar Disorder)



A small but significant percentage of such people end their lives. It’s a sad side of this disease.  Getting a bipolar diagnosis is understandably scary for the patient. But it is very  necessary to get life back on track- try to explain him this. While on your part, you should definitely never leave the patient alone, when he is in depression. 

Remember – Managing bipolar disorder of your loved one  is easier when you have accurate information about bipolar . So Educate yourself . An accurate knowledge can save his life .


So, I want to tell you, if you loved the person who is suffering , Don’t Ever Leave Him Alone . I remember a doctor said to me that , ” The patient don’t realize , but his care-taker should know , that if we will not treat the disease with the help of therapy, medication and psychiatrist, he might reach to a jail, becoming a criminal [ in maniac stage] or will reach to the stage where he might attempt suicide[ in depressive stage] . ” The patient is not able to take care of himself.  But , being a care taker , one should know how to treat the disease and how to save the loved one from reaching behind the bars or in the coffin !!!

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