The Question of Belief in Supernaturals and Faith in Religion & God , has been the question of discussion for the intellectuals, worldwide.

About the belief in God , I have had  read one very different statement somewhere . I would like to state it here –  ‘ Worship n Faith were helpful in dawn of humankind but they are Not , now !! ‘ 

When I read it , I thoroughly thought about it . And , actually ,  In very early period , on earth, when human was struggling for survival, and was uninformed and unacquainted about everything , apparently everything going on around him ! The belief in positivism , the belief in Supernatural Power – has allowed him ; at that time ; to look at life with less fear, less jeopardy and had increased Veneration in the mankind.  A  belief that we can somehow alter natural events, understand death and be able to deal with it properly – was flourished in humans with the supportive feeling of Faith for God.

Since the dawn of human-kind there have been Gods by whose principles we lived, and to whom we sent our prayers. Surely religion had a positive role when we arrived in the scene. That was the era when we were frightened by everything…..everything around us, and we hardly knew anything about what was going on. Faith allowed us to ignore the things that scared us, and focus on surviving and creating a civilization. And that was great , about the faith . Under no pretense will any logical person ever deny this.

I am also agreed that , Science has been pushing us forward, while religion is dragging us behind ! Useful religion might have been until just 600 to 2000 years ago, I want to  argue that it is not ‘that much’ useful now, to anyone .

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Physics, medicine, geology, cosmology, chemistry, biology, and so on, gave us perfectly sound explanations for what is going on around us. Things like death, disease, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, etc. do not frighten us anymore, because we are now able to understand them.

So , after discussing this point a question arises , Should One Believe Or Not in Religion , Now ? The answers can be different . It depends on the thought-procedure of the individual ! Religion is good as long as it is not traumatizing other people. 

 Religion used to be a great tool for us, but just as the steam engine replaced the water-powered wheels, we now have better tools for understanding the world.

What Religion is doing now ?? You know ?? The Religion is now fighting against THESE tools, TRYING  to maintain its TOP – MOST place in the human mind, as earlier !

 This means that not only will a person INFECTED by religion be UNABLE  to use the modern tools , they are gifted with, BUT they are also A DANGER to anyone around, who are giving more IMPORTANCE TO THESE SCIENTIFIC TOOLS than God !

‘Over-Religious’ are now  Threatening, these people  to keep them away from moving forward, and dragging them back to a dark age of the mind.

One more thing I would like to say that even if right now I m writing these words, but i m feeling pain , coz even I LOVE God and Do Worship him , everyday . But we have to face the truth always in life……we like it or not .

I feel , Religion is good if, it helps people mingling with each other , with love and respect. Its good if it makes human a good person , It is good even if it spreads peace, protection and love ……social mingling and care and respect for other religions should be there, in veneration. 

Otherwise …..What Religion is doing today in the world is eventually, not so good !

The Countries where Religion is affecting citizen’s everyday life , and people are acting like they believe very much in God and his mightiness , we see more riots, more devastation, more un-education (  illiteracy ) and more reign of poverty , is existing !!!!  We are talking about countries strongly influenced by religion, such as the Asian countries like India, Pakistan , Bhutan, Afghanistan etc.

The Talibans and other fundamentalist groups have a history of torturing and murdering people of other faiths and beliefs. I would not call that a positive influence ! States where religion has a strong influence on the leaders often undergo civil wars, discrimination, genocide, etc..

While countries where religion plays a minor or non-existent role in their political systems tend to be the socially, technologically, economically and politically the most advanced ones, it becomes obvious that the absence of religion allows for all of that.

I agree so many people are there who are religious but not causing damage to society. But they are not developing in the way the non-religious normal people are doing

 Someone said to me yesterday that , ” Religion is a cheap and effective way of controlling the masses. ” The  statement  gave me the punch line for my thoughts –

Actually , Religion today is doing nothing more than that !  It serves no other purpose, it does no good to society rather it is attacking the peace of the world !!

Controlling the masses isn’t the answer,actually.  Educating them is. And religion does nothing else than fight against that mental development ………….That’s Why actually the question is arising , ” Should One Believe In Supernaturals Or Not ? ” 

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