Even if the child is about to finish his teenage, and ready to enter in his twenties, the Dedication, Care , and Ambitions of their kids’ development has nothing to do with his age factor. Mother who was most dedicated when her child was 2, will be the same dedicated when he will be 20.

And if you are one of that caring and loving mother, this article is for you.

          This is April, and it is the crucial time when children are preparing for one or the other competitive exams, held in our countries. And is the peak period of Mental Stress for your kid. And YOU  have to do lots of, lots of, and lots of duties, to make him feel not only supported, but also stress-free and healthy. Here are some very important tips for the parents, who are in this situation right now :

#   Take Care of Eating & Sleeping Cycles :

 The very first factor you should take care of – is his Eating, and Sleeping cycles. Carefully give him lots of fruits & freshly squeezed juices which will keep him light and active. Light & easily digestible foods should be preferred.  Try to avoid heavy fried foods, and encourage him to take appropriate sleep of at least 6 to 8 hours.

          Definitely, need not to force him to change his sleeping patterns, suddenly , in this period. But can be taken care of gradually, and lovingly explaining him the ‘pay off’ of the healthy food .

 #  Manage His Stress Level :

The Second thing a parent- being a mother or a father – must be careful is his Stress Level !  One should have an intimate and open-up relationship with his kid . So that a kid should never, ever get hesitated to talk about his failure with his parents. You have a full responsibility to know what is going on in his brain, if unfortunately he/she meets with a failure in these exams.

               The increasing suicidal rate of students in our country is dangerously alarming. So, a parent must be always in his kids mind, to know exactly his mental condition. You yourself can give him psychotherapy for his escapist thinking pattern.

Or should better take help of a psychotherapist , than to take risk of some dreadful occurrence, in your loving family.

#  Be Helpful in Maintaining A Studious Ambience :

             Parents should understand the importance of maintaining a serene, silent, and studious atmosphere in house, for studies. One should be sensible enough to establish a calm , bookish and encouraging surrounding in house . Every member in-house should be careful about not to disturb him, not to make noisy ambience and also be careful not to make any family program of outings or merry-makings. It will destruct his focus and perseverance.

            Remember, if a student achieve success in cracking such exams the credit goes to his family also, especially to ‘Mothers’. So be an Understanding, Caring , Mature and Supportive Mommy- your kid will remember this help , rest of his life, and will respect you even more. Be Careful if Your Child Preparing For Competitive Entrance Exams?

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